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“Mental Health Advocates Press State to Boost Funds”

“Mental Health Advocates Press State to Boost Funds”

“Mental Health Advocates Press State to Boost Funds”

January 13, 2016
Written by: Lynne Walker Winderbaum

Certain highly publicized incidents compel our politicians say it is a mental health issue and we must do more. Then they go to sleep at night and with the dawn comes an end to their commitment. As a result, your article notes that Florida now ranks last, down from 49th last year, in terms of mental health spending. It reminds us that we have lost more than 900 psychiatric beds in the past decade. At the same time, Governor Scott is making a priority of his $1 billion in taxes, 75% of which going to reduce corporate income taxes. Scott’s priorities are obvious but our lawmakers have a clear choice on their priorities and the effect it will have on Floridians. It is stunning that Florida spends only $37.28 per person on mental heath care while the average per capita rate in the U.S. is $129.99. How marginalized is an issue that has touched so many citizens and their families? We must demand that this legislative session restore the $140 million in mental health care cuts. Contact your legislators and House Speaker Steve Crisafulli to demand that the issue of mental health in Florida not be ignored. It is time that Florida became a beacon of compassion and care for its residents before granting corporate handouts.

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